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First time Salman Khan gave his reactions about Priyanka left ‘Bharat’ Movie. See this…

First time Salman Khan gave his reactions about Priyanka left ‘Bharat’ Movie. See this…

Bharat Star Cast: Priyanka Chopra has made headlines about her professional and personal life these days. He refused to work on the last movie with Salman Khan starrer ‘Bharat’. It was said that he had left the film due to his marriage with Nick Jonas and Salman was thrown out of leaving Priyanka’s film. Though Salman broke the silence and Priyanka Chopra left, he gave his own reactions.
On the occasion of the trailer launch of his brother-in-law ‘Lavatory’, Salman said, ‘I am very happy for him At that time, if we find out there (Hollywood) they have signed a big movie, we do not stop them anyway. ‘

bharat Star Cast
bharat Star Cast

He further said, ‘We found out the movie, almost 10 days before shooting. My shooting started, 10 days before the start of their schedule, it was discovered that they do not want to do the film. They came to the house and they said they do not We said, why not, if you do not want to do it, then do not do it. ‘

Bharat Star Cast

‘Tiger is alive’, the actor said, “Whatever the reason, no matter what the wedding or picture in India, do not work with me, just Hollywood movies and TV shows, this is their territory. them and will continue to support them. ”

Salman said, “If they name the work here (in Bharat) what happened, even then they are illuminating the name of Bharat. If you are not working with Salman, you are working with a big hero, then the name of Hindustan will be illuminated.

Explain that India’s director Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted that Priyanka’s ‘Bharat’ was about to leave. Now Katrina Kaif has been taken in this film Well, Priyanka has signed Farhan Akhtar’s film “The Sky Is Pink” after leaving Salman’s film. There are reports that Priyanka has left the upcoming film of Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

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